Knowledge Management

We ensure that your business and organizational needs and requirements are clearly identified and addressed before we undertake the development and customization of your knowledge management platform. Our methodology follows the process outlined below. It is important to understand that this is an iterative process which follows an Agile like methodology.

Organizational objectives: It is important that a KM initiative be tied to specific organizational needs. These could relate to enabling collaboration, sharing or a specific issues that need to be addressed. It helps in making the KM initiatives measurable

KM Readiness Assessment: Through personal interviews, survey and study we determine your organizational readiness for KM in terms of culture, process and systems. This leads to a Risk Mitigation strategy and potential areas to be addressed for a successful KM implementation.

Knowledge needs assessment:Any KM implementation should be tied to specific user needs by function

Knowledge architecture: A formalized architecture to effectively harness the data, information and tacit knowledge within an organization. This includes identifying the appropriate technologies and tools like Sharepoint, Web2.0 and social computing tools/platforms.

System Implementation: Implementation of the above architecture in collaboration with our partners

Training & Communication: Training of users through interactive workshops, seminars and online learning