Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an integrated, data-driven, customizable, & flexible CRM.

A complete set of capabilities are available in the cloud-based CRM and ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 to simplify company communication. To satisfy the demands of the sales, marketing, and customer service teams, its features and functionality are always being enhanced.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used in a hybrid cloud setup or in the cloud. It is easy to deploy and manage in any way you require depending on your infrastructure and budget. Dynamics 365 is perfect for businesses with a BYOD policy because it is cloud-based. Dynamics 365 apps are easily accessible by employees from Outlook, a web browser, or any mobile device.

Other Microsoft products, such as the entire Office 365 suite, are simple to integrate with Dynamics 365. With the help of these connectors, businesses can switch from Dynamics 365 to Outlook for communications, Power BI for data analytics, or SharePoint for documentation. Employees will spend less time learning new platforms and transferring data between apps as it becomes simpler to work and switch between apps.

Whether they are on the road or in the office, sales teams have access to a wealth of relevant client data thanks to Dynamics 365. Without needing to pause and say, "Let me get back to you on that," your staff will be able to formulate quick responses and convey information. Additionally, businesses get a complete picture of each prospect's journey, enabling them to develop more specialised marketing strategies.

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When using Dynamics 365, you may automate tasks in the areas of sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and project service using a range of modules and workflow tools that are already built-in. There's no need to worry if the pre-built tools don't quite meet your needs. You may adjust workflows in Dynamics 365 to suit your needs. Create new items and additional fields for the system by using the customisation tools. You can tweak more than just that, too.
Enhanced Customer Service Experience
Dynamics 365 gathers a tonne of useful information on every customer. It examines a variety of factors, including the websites people frequent, their interactions with companies, and the communities they belong to. Additionally, its BI tool helps pinpoint consumer attitudes, purchasing trends, and brand loyalty—information that cannot be quantified but is crucial to the sales process.
According to the size, budget, and workload of your present workforce, Dynamics 365 can simply scaled up or down. Similar to the majority of other Microsoft cloud solutions, Dynamics 365 is based on a flexible monthly subscription.
Increased Productivity
With Dynamics 365, your staff have access to almost any type of data they require, allowing them to work more productively and spend less time looking up information. Employees are better able to make educated judgments since they have access to all the information and resources they require. Users may locate everything they require on a single platform rather than having to access ERP, CRM, data, and Office apps separately..

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