Simplicity, Continuity, Availability


Enterprises that have rapid scalability and high data consumption needs (driven by new technology paradigms like the Internet of Things and mobility) face serious cost pressures when setting up comprehensive DR infrastructure on-premise. They often end up committing significant effort and investment towards a system that hopefully never gets used. Along with CAPEX concerns, enterprises also need to incur significant operating expenses around maintenance, upgrades and frequent changes in workload.

Gonna Solutions Disaster Recovery (DR) on Cloud is a cost effective solution that helps overcome your business continuity and availability needs, quickly and cost effectively. With Gonna Solutions, you get access to enterprise grade server, storage and network infrastructure, real-time scalability and a fully managed service, with the highest level of service assurance.

If you already subscribe to other Gonna Solutions cloud services, you can get started with DR on Cloud instantly.


Why Gonna Solutions DR on the Cloud?

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