Reinvent the financial services experience

Unlock new opportunities to empower intelligent banking, modernise trading and personalise insurance software systems. With Microsoft Azure, financial organisations have the infrastructure and security to take customer experiences to the next level.

Explore some financial services use cases for Azure

Personalise banking

Make every customer experience a personalised one based on accurate insights that reveal potential opportunities.

Modernise services

Unlock global scale and enable continuous innovation with a hybrid or cloud strategy.

Detect fraud

Identify suspicious behaviour and assess risk while staying fully compliant with changing regulatory measures.

Build your financial services practices with these tools

Azure AI and Machine Learning

Build the next generation of intelligent financial services and create sophisticated financial models with proven, secure and responsible AI.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Gather, store, process, analyse and visualise your financial data of any variety, volume or velocity to pave your way to intelligent banking.

High-Performance Computing

Tackle complex calculations and large datasets in seconds with scalable and highly secure on-demand infrastructure.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Quickly deploy virtual desktops and apps to enable secure remote work.

Azure Stack

Extend your Azure capabilities across datacentres, edge locations and remote offices to build and run hybrid applications with more flexibility.

Azure Security

Gain peace of mind with built-in cloud protection and stay ahead of risks with AI-powered monitoring tools.

Azure Databases

Discover a breadth of fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases, spanning proprietary and open-source engines, to fit the needs of modern app developers.