Think, plan, and create—together

Microsoft Loop is a new app that combines a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that stay in sync and move freely across Microsoft 365 apps.

Cocreate, build on each other’s ideas, and add a little personality. Loop is an entirely new way to work together—designed for the hybrid world.

Organize what you need for your project, such as files, links, and data from other apps, in a single workspace. Work in chat, meetings, or documents using portable components that are always up to date.

Jump in, catch up, and get going with Loop. Connect naturally with emojis and expressions. Easily collaborate and track progress with notifications, highlighted changes, status labels, and task lists.

Microsoft Loop for Business

It offers looped shared spaces, as the name would imply, that let you and your team see and organise all the essential components of a project. It makes it simple to keep track of shared document progress and to know what everyone is working on.
We locate a canvas to arrange our parts on, and we retrieve useful materials like links, files, or data that are pertinent to our project's requirements. It can be compared to a whiteboard where we can share and insert components that might have been developed apart from the application.
These are tiny productivity building blocks that let you cooperate throughout the workflow (chat, email, meeting, document, etc.). Loop elements can be as simple as lists or notes or as complex as sales possibilities in Dynamics 365. They can be found in numerous apps and are constantly updated.
Benefits of Microsoft Loop
With the help of the tool, you may rethink teamwork by co-creating and utilising the ideas of the other team members. In a single workspace, you can arrange all the project-related components (files, links, and data from other programmes). It is simple to use and makes progress tracking and collaborative material creation possible through notifications, status labelling, task lists, and other features.

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